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Who Was Shirley Chisholm?

In 2020, Senator Kamala Harris of California was chosen to be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate. She becomes the first Black woman and first person of Indian descent to be on a major party ticket. Many women, especially women of color, have paved the way for Harris and it would be unfair to credit one person over another. However, an important person to start with is the groundbreaking Shirley Chisholm. Born in Brooklyn, […]

Bill of Rights: Ensuring Unstated Freedoms

The Constitution did not just become the law of the land once it was written. Nine of the 13 states needed to ratify it. This was no easy process and a divide emerged. There were the Federalists, who supported the Constitution as it was, and the Anti-Federalists, who had many concerns. The Federalists defended all the protections built into the Constitution, most famously in a series of anonymous articles written in New York, an Anti-Federalist […]

Tales of Our Country: Aaron Burr, King of Mexico?

We’ve talked about Alexander Hamilton and we talked about the duel. It’s only fair that we talk about the man on the other end of the duel, Aaron Burr. When we left him last, he had just fled after shooting and killing Hamilton. This would lead to one of the strangest stories in American history, the former vice president who tried to become the king of Mexico. A little bit of background first. Burr was […]

What is TikTok?

If you haven’t joined the TikTok community yet, you might as well jump on the bandwagon now. The Chinese video-sharing networking service is the number one downloaded app of 2020, with over 2 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play. Founded in 2012 by an internet technology company, ByteDance Ltd., TikTok is led by Chinese entrepreneur, Zhang Yiming.  The one thing you may realize after using the popular app, is that it is […]

Declaring War: How the Process Changed over the Years

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was an act of Congress in 1964 that effectively gave the president carte blanche in using force for the Vietnam War. But Congress never actually declared war against Vietnam. So was this constitutional? How did this shape the president’s authority to use military force going forward? Let’s start from the beginning. The Constitution declares the president the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces but gives Congress the power to declare war. […]

Three Different Types of Intermittent Fasting — What Does it Accomplish?

Have you ever been curious about intermittent fasting, but didn’t quite know where to start? Intermittent fasting, also referred to just simply as “IF,” this form of eating has become a very popular trend in the health industry. This form of fasting may help you lose weight, since your body must use stored glucose for energy when in a fasted state, burning off the fat that you already have. It is also great to give […]

How to Save Money by Not Wasting Food

With the cost of food continually rising these days, wasting food is as good as throwing your hard-earned money away. If you want to maximize your food budget and utilize all of your ingredients in the most efficient way, a little planning goes a long way. First of all, when you make your grocery list, try to meal plan at the same time. Shopping the sales and using coupons will also help keep your expenses […]

How to Establish or Improve Your Credit Score

If you’re just starting out, or experienced an unforeseen hardship which damaged your credit score, there are steps you can take to repair or establish credit. Depending on where you stand will determine how to begin. If you’re young or someone who never used any type of credit try applying for store credit card. Many of the major department stores, such as Kohl’s and TJ Maxx, will approve a small line of credit with little […]

Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Cash back credit cards are a good way to earn extra money back on purchases you make on a regular basis. Currently cash back cards are offering from 1.5% to 5% in rewards. Most cards will allow you to either apply the cash back to purchases or credit your account balance. You can select which you prefer when you’ve earned enough rewards to redeem. What type of card you qualify for will depend on your […]

Impeachment: How the Constitution Protects us from Corruption

The Constitution provides a mechanism to remove a bad actor, namely a federal judge or the president. This process is called impeachment and it has been topical as of late as it occurred earlier this year when President Trump was impeached. Being impeached does not mean that a person is removed from office. The term impeachment only means being charged with a “high crime or misdemeanor.” In fact, never in the history of the United […]

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