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Should I Try Out Yoga? 

Five thousand years ago in a spiritual book called the “Bhagavad Gita,” there was mention of the word “Yoga.” Yoga literally means “union” in Sanskrit. The union of the mass consciousness and the union of the body with itself. Over the years, gurus and teachers alike who understood the spiritual elements as well as the anatomical benefits of yoga have created many different forms of yoga. There are a few different types of yoga in […]

How To Exercise Anywhere

Most people get caught up thinking that they need machines or weights to exercise. We must remember that exercise just means movement. Let’s take a look at our current environment and see how we can use different places to give us a great workout and get ready to take on the day. Your Office Chair or Sofa Let’s start with where you may be sitting on reading this article: either your chair or a sofa. […]

Getting My First Tattoo

I’ll never forget the day I decided to get my first tattoo. I’d always been excited to have one, as I view them as wearable art on your body and a form of individual expression. I was so excited and knew exactly what I wanted in terms of the design and colors. I knew I wanted to go bold and have a large, bright-colored tattoo on my upper right arm. Then of course reality set […]