How To Exercise Anywhere

Most people get caught up thinking that they need machines or weights to exercise. We must remember that exercise just means movement. Let’s take a look at our current environment and see how we can use different places to give us a great workout and get ready to take on the day.

Your Office Chair or Sofa
Let’s start with where you may be sitting on reading this article: either your chair or a sofa. Challenge yourself to do one-minute sets of alternating standing up and sitting down every 30 minutes. Over an eight-hour workday that gives you a total of 16 minutes of locomotion.

Your Room
Learn to use your room like a maze. Create a mental pattern through your room and see if you can get up and walk around it five times a day. An example of this would be to set up different stations around the room. Do 10 pushups where you are standing at the moment, then move to a bench or chair and do 10 triceps dips and follow this by moving laterally from one side of the room to the other 10 times. Simple things like this can help stimulate your mind and your creativity as well as getting your body in great shape.

Become A Step Master
Take any set of stairs in your home or office and set a goal to walk up and down the stairs for a total of 100 steps a day. This number can increase as you get stronger and improve endurance. This is a great way to keep your heart healthy and measure your results over time.

Get Up and Crawl
I know how much we all love to lie down and relax, but if you cannot get back up because you’re out of shape, then even relaxing becomes a struggle. Getting up and down is a fantastic learned behavior for the nerves to stay stimulated and keep your body in motion. Set a goal to lie flat on the floor on your back and get fully up without using any assistance 10 times a day. Follow this by laying prone and crawling across the room and back five times. This little routine will keep you in shape and moving for the rest of time.

Get Out and About

The oldest form of exercise is a classic that will always be enjoyed for as long as we have the use of our legs. Yes, I am talking about walking. Walking is great for your body’s natural ability to fight gravity. Make it a point to walk to one place per day that you would normally drive to (within a reasonable proximity). This will keep you moving and feeling great. Do not let weather be your excuse and challenge yourself to get out and walk rain, shine or snow.