Best Ways to Earn Extra Money Online

There is certainly a plethora of online opportunities to make extra money, but how do you determine what to choose? There are many trusted resources and by following a few simple guidelines you could be well on your way to earning that extra cash. Be sure to do your research and find out what others are saying and if there are any complaints filed. Next, think of what skill set you have and what you could offer. Then make a list of things that interest you and look for jobs in those areas. After all, just because you need to earn extra cash, doesn’t mean you can’t do something you enjoy. 

Start by making a list of skills and interests to narrow down what may work for you in the spare time you have available. If, for example, you’re good at writing, check out some of the freelance writing sites such as Upwork. You’ll need to create a profile and add some sample writings. If you don’t have samples, write about things that interest you or you are knowledgeable in and use those to start your resume profile. From there, search for jobs that match your skill set and bid on those you think you can handle. It may take some time to get your first connection and paid gig, but once you do it’s easier to continue getting more. You may even luck into a regular writing gig if you connect with a company that likes your style or expertise. Sometimes companies will give a test assignment and offer regular work if you pass. 

If you like to watch movies and television, there are sites which will pay you to. Start by searching for companies you already have access to, such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO or Hulu. Go directly to their site and see what they have to offer. For example, Netflix hires consumers called “taggers” who are directly paid employees of the company. If you’d like to lay around and binge watch some of your favorite programs, check it out. Taggers help to determine content tags that create recommendations for other programs to its subscribers. If there are currently no openings, check out other programming providers. These jobs are real and often fill up quickly when they become available. 

If you’re not someone who likes to sit around, there are plenty of jobs that will pay you to shop or make deliveries in your local community. There are sites like Task Rabbit, which does require a $25 application fee, but they offer high-quality part time work in a variety of freelance job fields. It’s easy to join with some basic profile info, including a photo, as well as stating your pay rate and a short pitch as to why someone should hire you. They recommend a short and defined skill set which you are certain you’re good at. Some job categories include shopping, assembling furniture, running errands or making deliveries, doing housecleaning or yard work and more. Typical hourly pay starts at $20.