What is Collagen and What is it Good For?

You may have heard the words “collagen peptides” floating around in the health and wellness space. It’s benefits have been proven to work, and aid in the overall health of the individual. But what exactly is collagen? And what specifically does it help with?

Let’s put on our Bill Nye the Science Guy hat, and get a little factual here with the explanation. Collagen is made up of long, twisted amino acid chains. When a portion of that chain is broken down into shorter chains, it then is classified as collagen peptide. In an easier to understand way, collagen is a major component to body part structures including ligaments, bones, joints, skin, and hair. 

So why should you consider taking a collagen supplement? Here are some great health benefits:

  1. A Great Source of Protein 

If you struggle to implement enough protein into your diet, adding collagen can help. At typically around only 70 calories for 18 grams of protein, you can easily add this to your daily food intake. What’s great is that it typically comes in a powder form, and dissolves. Add it into smoothies, soups, drinks, or any liquid to keep you feeling full longer and help grow muscles.

  1. Enhance Hair, Skin, and Nails 

Because your hair, skin, and nails are made of collagen, adding more help with its appearance. By taking collagen consistently, it helps with skin elasticity and hydration, supports nail and hair growth, for an overall youthful appearance. 

  1. Healthy Bones and Joints

As we get older, the amount of collagen produced decreases. By supplementing with it, you may notice that you have less joint pain over time, and more easily be able to participate in physical activity without discomfort. Also, bones are made of mostly collagen, so if this starts to deplete over time, it’s possible to develop bone-breakdown and conditions such as Osteoporosis. 

Above are just a couple of the many health benefits of supplementing with collagen. Some others include 100% of daily Vitamin C intake, and high amounts of Hyaluronic acid. What is also great is that it’s so easy to use and ingest. So for those that have a sensitive stomach, this is a great option for you, and something you may want to consider adding into your diet.