Apple iOS and Android: A Comparison

So, you’re ready for a new phone. You have a big decision in store. Do you go for the iPhone with its iOS software or another phone that runs on Android? The answer depends on your needs. Here is a comparison between the two.

Android is based on Linux and is partially open source. It was mostly developed by Google but not exclusively. This means that it feels more like using a PC. Android is also much more customizable than iOS. At the same time, iOS’ sleek design and uniform elements make many say that it is more user-friendly.

Android is used by many phone makers and has become the most commonly used smartphone platform in the world. Apple-developed iOS, on the other hand, only works on iPhones. If you already own one or the other, consider that when switching, you are also switching to different app stores. This means that switching might cause you to redownload all the apps you had on the previous system.

It is also important to consider what other devices you want your phone to interact with. If you use an iPad or iMac, iOS will connect with your other devices. However, file sharing from iOS to any other type of device is more difficult as it does not use a USB to charge or transfer. That means that you will need an adapter and will only be able to upload content through iTunes. Android, on the other hand, uses a USB port and content can be transferred without any special software or apps.

Android is also available in over 100 languages whereas iOS is only programed for 34. When it comes to cloud storage, Apple provides 5 GBs for free while Google give you the first 15 GBs at no charge. In terms of apps, Apple’s store offers about 100,000 more than Google does. Apple’s speed also tends to beat out Android.

When it comes down to it, both will work great. It’s about what works for you. What system looks better to you, seems more logical to you so that using it is easy, if it’s worth the hassle of switching over and learning a new system, and what other devices you want your phone to work with.