Online Photo Storage Options

We all love photos. They are great ways to remember trips, people, and special occasions. But digital photos are large files that take up precious space on your hard drive. That is why we will explore some great online options for storing photos. There are so many services that we cannot cover them all. Here are some top options:


Dropbox hit the market in 2007 and syncs across several platforms. It also makes it easy to sort your photos into folders and to share your photos with other. The free version gives you up to 2GBs of storage. For 2TBs a year, the cost is $119.88 while 3TBs per year will cost $199.00.

Google Photos

Anyone with a Gmail account already has access to Google Photos. It also syncs nicely with Android phones, detecting when you take new photos and adding them to the cloud. Unlimited storage is also free for photos that are 16MBs or less. Google Photos also makes it easy to search for specific images due to its AI capability.


If you own an Apple product, you are already signed up for iCloud. That being said, Windows users are also welcome to sign up for iCloud. You can easily upload files from any device or from the iCloud website. It will also automatically sync and backup photos from your iPhone. The service is free up to 5GBs or $9.99 per month for 2TBs.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Do you like photo editing? This is the option for you. With a starting point of 20GBs, Adobe Creative Cloud also allows you to edit and alter your photos. It also makes it easy to share your photos across platforms. You can also add storage for up to 1TB. The photography plan costs $119.88 per year but Adobe offers other options that come with more of their software products.

Microsoft One Drive

With a Microsoft login, Microsoft One Drive is super easy to use. This is also a great option if you use many Microsoft products. One Drive provides 5GB of free storage for all types of files. For 6TBs, you can pay $99.00 a year (you can share among six people, 1TB a piece).

Amazon Photos

Prime users already have access to unlimited online photo storage through Amazon Photos. Uploading is easy through a desktop or mobile app. You must be a Prime subscriber to access Amazon Photos. It costs $119 a year for a Prime subscription but comes with all of the other benefits of being a Prime member.


Flickr is more of a social media platform for sharing photos than it is a storage venue. Flickr makes it easy to upload photos, create different galleries, and share them at the click of a button. You can store up to 1,000 photos for free or you can get unlimited storage for $4.49 a month (billed annually).