Best Sites to Sell Stuff Online

Depending on what you want to sell, there are a multitude of online sites where you can turn your stuff into cash! Whether you want to clean out some items from your garage or basement, sell things you bought and never used but it’s too late to return them, or create a side business with products you can sell for a profit, there are some good choices of where to list your items for sale. 


Even social media platforms, such as Facebook, have gotten in on the action. Facebook is actually a great place to sell items locally. In the search bar at the top of your Facebook page type in “marketplace” and you’ll see “Facebook Marketplace” among the selections, possibly at the top of the list. Facebook will determine your local market based upon your location, so that part is already done for you. If you’re not sure how to price your item you can look for similar items to compare to yours to determine the fair market value. From there, selling your item is as simple as writing a description and uploading an image or two. Facebook is currently running a special offer where you can ship one item free and they’ll waive the usual 5% selling fee they charge for shipped items. If you want to take advantage of this offer, do it soon. It expires at the end of August although, chances are, they’ll have other offers to entice people to use their marketplace since it is a competitive business.  


Another popular site, and one of the originals, for selling items locally is Craigslist. This site was founded in San Francsico back in the 1995 by local resident Craig Newmark as a way for locals to connect online for all sorts of reasons, including selling or giving away items. It’s pretty simple to list something for sale in your local community. You can find your state and city on and set your location. On the top left side of the page you’ll see “Create Posting.” Once you click on it, you’ll see a choice of types of listings you can create. If you want to list an item to sell, click on “For Sale by Owner” which will take you to a choice of categories. Choose whichever best matches your item. Once you select your category, you’ll see a form to fill out all of your listing details and you can also upload some photos of your item. It’s a good idea to use the incognito email contact feature so if a potential buyer contacts you, your information remains private. If you create an account before you create your listing, you can save the listing for future reference or to re-list if it doesn’t sell in the initial listing time period.  


Ebay has long been a brand name in the online selling marketplace. Here you will find both used and new items for sale in just about every category imaginable. Creating a seller account is pretty basic and simple. You can even login from Google or Facebook to save time. You’ll have the choice to auction your item or sell it at a fixed price within the listing time frame. Ebay is pretty easy since they walk you through the steps to create the perfect listing. If you have more than one item to sell, you can create a template to reuse, which is a real time saver. Once your listing is live, you can monitor it to see if people are “watching” or bidding on it. Once the item sells, you will receive payment and need to ship it out according to the terms of the sale. If you listed at a fixed price, you will collect that amount. If your item sold at auction, you will receive the top bid price if you accepted it. It’s a good idea to list items for bid within a range and make the lower price the least you can possibly accept for the item. Just be mindful of your pricing. You don’t want to overprice your items to the point that no one makes an offer.