Month: August 2020

Streaming Music Service Options

Several years ago, streaming services were almost unheard of. When you wanted a song, you had to buy it. Now the options are endless and at the tip of your fingers. With so many available, it can be hard to choose. But we are here to help! Because there are so many options, we can’t cover them all. Today we will go through five of the top options in music streaming. Spotify Spotify is a […]

Best Sites to Get Free Shipping Online

Nowadays, the convenience of shopping online has taken on a different meaning. It’s become a part of many people’s daily lives, with more and more companies offering free shipping and delivery options – and in some cases same day delivery service. If you know your way around the best sites and plan your shopping accordingly, there are ways to get free shipping which can save a bundle in both the short and long term. Depending […]

Apple iOS and Android: A Comparison

So, you’re ready for a new phone. You have a big decision in store. Do you go for the iPhone with its iOS software or another phone that runs on Android? The answer depends on your needs. Here is a comparison between the two. Android is based on Linux and is partially open source. It was mostly developed by Google but not exclusively. This means that it feels more like using a PC. Android is […]

How To Paint Rocks

Rock painting is a fast growing hobby that is fun, easy and lets you explore your creativity.  With rock painting, you are creating small works of art that can be put on display or even sold on sites like Etsy.  They also make great hand created gifts that the recipient will really appreciate.  You can paint just about anything on rocks,  including positive messages (such as “Joy”), animals, seashores, houses, abstract designs and anything else […]

Painting With Acrylic Paint

Painting is one of the easiest crafts to do and is great for both kids and adults.  We’ve all done some form of painting in our life, whether it was finger painting when we were kids or art class in school.  One great thing about painting is that you can really express yourself.  You can do interesting designs and abstract paintings.  Or you can choose specific subject matters like people, nature, animals, etc.  Your paintings […]

The Forgotten Founder Part 1: The Boston Massacre

Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton. These are the names we think of when we think of our founding fathers. But there was another man there, at every critical juncture of the early republic. His thinking was ahead of its time. Without him, the Declaration of Independence would not look like it did. The judicial branch, indirectly, would not have the power it does today without him. Foreign relations for the young country could have easily gone […]

First Amendment Series: Freedom of Speech

What is free speech? That’s a question that has been debated since the First Amendment was adopted in 1791. Restrictions have come and gone, largely shaped by the Supreme court. Today, we will explore how this freedom has changed over time and what free speech looks like today. In the latter part of colonial times, speech was not as deeply censored as it was in the England proper. This set the table for political dissent, […]

Cat Body Language

Have you ever wondered what your cat is thinking or what certain things they do really mean?  When I got my first cat almost 20 years ago I used to wonder that all the time.  Then over time I learned that cats are very expressive and do communicate a lot with their human friends and each other.  The more time spent together bonding contributes to being able to read their body language and thus communicate. […]

Weird History: The Great Molasses Flood

The following story sounds made up. I could not believe it the first time I heard about it. But rest assured, it is completely true. In 1919, Boston experienced a tragic flood. But the liquid flowing through the streets was not water. It was molasses. You heard that right. Molasses. This may sound funny, but the truth is it was tragic. In the end, the flood killed 21, injured 150, and destroyed countless homes, businesses, […]

How to Change Careers with No Experience

Whether or not you have a formal education in a field that interests you, the most important factor in any endeavor is enthusiasm and perseverance. If you find you’re not happy in your current vocation there are ways to change it, even if it doesn’t happen overnight. The first thing is to decide you actually want to change careers. If the answer is decidedly yes, but you’re not sure to what, make a list of […]

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