Month: October 2020

Simple, But Delicious Black Beans

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Most days, I would be content to stand by the stove for hours attempting to master the latest recipe that has piqued my interest. However, there are also days when cooking myself an elaborate meal is out of the question. When cooking seems like a chore, or I need something quick and easy, I always find myself making the same thing, black beans and rice. Not only do […]

Turning A Mirror Into Artwork

Recently, a friend and I found ourselves in possession of a mirror that had seen better days. Nearly all the paint had chipped off its frame, and the mirror’s glass was coated in a thick layer of grime. Instead of leaving the mirror on the curb as most would, we decided to repurpose it. We sanded the battered frame, applied a new layer of white paint, and cleaned the reflective glass until it shined. However, […]

Why Taking Care of Your Own Mental Health Should be Your Number One Priority

Taking care of your mental and emotional health is extremely important for optimal functioning. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 1 in 5 people in America right now, live with a mental illness. Of course, these illnesses range in severity, but it is something that affects millions of people every day. Our mental health has a huge impact on how we move through the world, how we feel (our emotions), and how […]

Does Washing My Hair Every Day Damage it?

There are many myths surrounding hair care, and maintenance. One that has many differing views is whether or not washing your hair every day can cause more harm than good. The answer to this is highly varied, and it may depend on your preference, type of shampoo and conditioner, hair type, how oily the scalp gets, and more. For some, their hair seems to thrive with being washed every day, but for others, their hair […]

Tattoo Healing Process

Like any other art piece, a tattoo is far from complete after the final injection of ink. Oil paints are varnished, pottery is fired, and a tattoo needs to heal properly. This last step is easily one of the most important yet also the most overlooked in the entire tattooing process.  People never factor in the healing time. They’re often unaware that the tattoo isn’t complete when you leave your final session. The hardest part […]

Why You Perform Better in a Group Fitness Class

Let’s face it — working out can be hard. It can be difficult to find the time, let alone the motivation to complete a workout. When you are working out alone, you need to be the one to push yourself through the workout to have great results. However, when you take a group fitness class, you usually perform at a much higher capacity. Typically that is why people enjoy these types of workouts better. From […]