Why You Perform Better in a Group Fitness Class

Let’s face it — working out can be hard. It can be difficult to find the time, let alone the motivation to complete a workout. When you are working out alone, you need to be the one to push yourself through the workout to have great results. However, when you take a group fitness class, you usually perform at a much higher capacity. Typically that is why people enjoy these types of workouts better. From Crossfit to Zumba, to Yoga, to Conditioning classes, and so much more. Do you ever wonder why that might be?


Here are some possible reasons:

  1. Feeding Off Energy

When you are in a class with others, you can feel the energy in the class. People are typically energetic and motivated in classes, and that rubs off on others. Some might even classify them as “good vibes.” Additionally, loud music and amped-up teacher who likes to motivate their students may help perpetuate these vibes. 


  1. Competitive Nature

Although we might not like to admit it, we can not help it, we are competitive creatures. We like to be the best one in the room, and in some cases, the most strong and flexible. While it is not great to compare yourself to the other people in the class (we are all on our unique fitness journey), this might be a reason people perform better in a group setting. When you are working out alone, there is no one to compare yourself to or try to keep up with. 


  1. You are Held Accountable

Speaking of working out alone, there is no one there to witness when you want to give up on a workout and just go home to lay on your couch. When you decide to attend a group class, you are keeping yourself held accountable to show on time, and attend the whole class, getting a fantastic workout in. 

Of course, with recent times regarding COVID 19, it may not be the safest to join in on group classes without the right precautions. There must be rules in place that keep you safe. What is great is that lots of fitness classes are held virtually, so you can get that same group feeling, and even a bit of socialization, while maintaining your health.