Does Washing My Hair Every Day Damage it?

There are many myths surrounding hair care, and maintenance. One that has many differing views is whether or not washing your hair every day can cause more harm than good. The answer to this is highly varied, and it may depend on your preference, type of shampoo and conditioner, hair type, how oily the scalp gets, and more. For some, their hair seems to thrive with being washed every day, but for others, their hair can seem lifeless and dull. 

So what is a person to do?

For some, going days without washing their hair makes very little difference in the appearance of their hair, and for some, it is highly noticeable, and may even become embarrassed by the site of it.

Here are some factors you may consider:

Oil Production

A big thing that people like to avoid with their hair is it being greasy and oily. However, natural oils help keep your hair shiny and healthy. That being said, if you start to feel that your hair is becoming dirty to the touch, you may want to consider washing it. 

Hair Type

Straight and thin hair may need to be washed more frequently than curly and coarse hair. This is impartially due to the sebum that coats the hair, making it more susceptible to looking greasy much faster. If you are someone who does not mind having noticeably greasy hair then maybe you can wait a bit longer until your next wash. 

Type of Shampoo Used

To protect your hair health, you want to be mindful of the type of shampoo that you are using. Cheaper shampoos tend to hold harmful chemicals that strip your hair, leaving it feeling rough and coarse. Something to consider is maintaining a natural shampoo free of lauryl sulfate, that is gentle yet cleansing on the hair. 

To Conclude:

Deciding how often to wash your hair is a personal preference. It is contingent on the type of hair you have, your preferred styling method, and so much more. It is hard to make any claim that washing your hair too frequently can be damaging, but we do know that it pulls away from the natural oils. The best advice is to take note of how your hair feels and looks and make some changes along that way that may best suit you. We only need so much oil in our hair, so producing a superfluous amount is not necessary.