Turning A Mirror Into Artwork

Recently, a friend and I found ourselves in possession of a mirror that had seen better days. Nearly all the paint had chipped off its frame, and the mirror’s glass was coated in a thick layer of grime. Instead of leaving the mirror on the curb as most would, we decided to repurpose it. We sanded the battered frame, applied a new layer of white paint, and cleaned the reflective glass until it shined. However, once we finished, we felt that the mirror didn’t possess the uniqueness we had set out to create. So we consulted the internet for inspiration and found an interesting new crafting trend in which people use old mirrors as a canvas. With some acrylic paints I had lying around, my friend and I painted clouds that spread from the mirror’s frame onto the edges of its glass, creating a stunning framing effect in which the painted clouds surround your reflection. The entire process only took a few hours and was well worth the effort. Here is how you can create your own!

Clean your mirror.

Any dirt or grime on the mirror’s surface can prevent the paint from properly adhering. This may cause the paint to flake off once your mirror had dried.


Sketch out your design.

We used a white water-soluble pencil to create an outline and determine where we should paint on the mirror. This step isn’t mandatory. You can just paint whatever comes to mind. However, sketching beforehand does allow for fewer mistakes and more precise paint application.


Fill in your sketch with white acrylic paint.

For future colors to apply correctly and reach a higher opacity, a layer of white paint should be laid before painting the final image. Otherwise, the mirror might shine through.


Paint your design.

You can paint anything you want. I chose to make clouds that flowed off the wooden frame onto the glass. I blended purples, pinks, and blues into the previously white painted sections. Don’t be afraid to wander off the white-painted areas a little bit. This can help you achieve a wispy effect that compliments certain designs.


Allow the paint to dry.

Drying can take anywhere from an hour to a day depending on how much paint you use. Just make sure that all of the paint is completely dry before displaying the mirror to prevent any smudging.

Mirror painting is a fun activity that can result in a beautiful statement piece for your home. Although it might seem intimidating, don’t be afraid to give it a try. You don’t need to be a fantastic artist in order to create something special. So go paint that old mirror you have lying around. You will love the results!