Author: Julia Mathison

Julia Mathison is an English Undergraduate working towards a specialization in creative writing at the University Massachusetts Amherst. She currently resides in New York where she  spends her free  time reading, writing, and painting.

How To Make Sun Tea

Nothing reminds me of summertime quite like my grandfather’s sun tea. Every year, when the days grew longer, and the sun beat down on our patio, he would take an enormous empty pickle jar and fill it with water. To that jar, he would add Lipton Tea Bags and leave it outside for hours to brew in the summer heat. It’s the nostalgia of watching the jar’s contents turn golden as the day dragged on […]

What To Consider When Getting A Tattoo

Everyone who has been tattooed or plans on getting tattooed has heard it before, “You know that’s permanent, right?” as if the very concept of what a tattoo is isn’t universally understood.  It’s one of those ridiculous rhetorical questions that critical friends and family think will deter you from finally getting inked up. Yes, tattoos are more or less permanent. A fact that everyone is aware of, yet many feel the need to continually remind […]