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Turning A Mirror Into Artwork

Recently, a friend and I found ourselves in possession of a mirror that had seen better days. Nearly all the paint had chipped off its frame, and the mirror’s glass was coated in a thick layer of grime. Instead of leaving the mirror on the curb as most would, we decided to repurpose it. We sanded the battered frame, applied a new layer of white paint, and cleaned the reflective glass until it shined. However, […]

How To Paint Rocks

Rock painting is a fast growing hobby that is fun, easy and lets you explore your creativity.  With rock painting, you are creating small works of art that can be put on display or even sold on sites like Etsy.  They also make great hand created gifts that the recipient will really appreciate.  You can paint just about anything on rocks,  including positive messages (such as “Joy”), animals, seashores, houses, abstract designs and anything else […]

Painting With Acrylic Paint

Painting is one of the easiest crafts to do and is great for both kids and adults.  We’ve all done some form of painting in our life, whether it was finger painting when we were kids or art class in school.  One great thing about painting is that you can really express yourself.  You can do interesting designs and abstract paintings.  Or you can choose specific subject matters like people, nature, animals, etc.  Your paintings […]