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What To Consider When Getting A Tattoo

Everyone who has been tattooed or plans on getting tattooed has heard it before, “You know that’s permanent, right?” as if the very concept of what a tattoo is isn’t universally understood.  It’s one of those ridiculous rhetorical questions that critical friends and family think will deter you from finally getting inked up. Yes, tattoos are more or less permanent. A fact that everyone is aware of, yet many feel the need to continually remind […]

Getting My First Tattoo

I’ll never forget the day I decided to get my first tattoo. I’d always been excited to have one, as I view them as wearable art on your body and a form of individual expression. I was so excited and knew exactly what I wanted in terms of the design and colors. I knew I wanted to go bold and have a large, bright-colored tattoo on my upper right arm. Then of course reality set […]